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Ben & Michelle Lawles

Ben & Michelle Lawles

Ben and Michelle are filthy rich homeschooling people who gave up their posh lifestyle to live in a humble RV and hang out with their kids forever... Just kidding 😂...about the rich part, and maybe the filthy We’re just normal people living an extraordinary lifestyle and raising thrivers!

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Sit back people, this is the long bio!

Let me make this easy for you. No. One. Is. Normal.

There are two kinds of people in this life, leaders and followers.

You’re either compliant or you're fighting the status quo.

We’re seeing a generation of kids, raised by society (not their parents) take hold of our culture and it’s not pretty.

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to raise kids as non-thinking, compliant followers. You can raise thrivers instead!!

We have homeschooled our two kids (10yo and 12yo) from the beginning of their tiny lives and we’re pretty stoked about it. can’t wait to share our tips with you!

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